Greetings TAY and AniTAY peeps! So I guess I should make one of these since I’ve been around for about two years now and have had TAY authorship since November 2014. I’ve also had AniTAY authorship since December 2015.

An introduction is long overdue, so here goes! -

I’m Tenshigami, an anime and video game nerd who lives in the midwest U.S.A. I started gaming at a young age on the NES and never really stopped. Over time, JRPGs came to dominate my gaming life with so many amazing titles released since the SNES era, with Secret of Mana being one of my favorite games of all time. Today, I’m a huge fan of the Tales series, but will enjoy just about any other JRPG I play.

On the anime side of things, my father raised me on Ghibli films from a young age, and I’ve been deeply entrenched in anime ever since it began to be readily available in the USA in the 90s. The shows I’ve watched and enjoyed are far too many to mention, but some of my favorites are Slayers, .hack//, Moribito, Kurokami, and Log Horizon. If you’re seeing a fantasy genre trend in my anime and gaming choices, you’d be right. The fantasy genre has always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, even with books.

Other Random Facts

- My favorite Studio Ghibli film is Castle in the Sky

- My favorite series of fantasy novels is the Shannara series by Terry Brooks

- I make AMVs.

- I once hacked a NES game into English

The Origin of My Name

I came up with my internet handle during an earlier, failed attempt at a translation hack of a different game. ‘Tenshigami’ is a combination of the Japanese words for ‘Angel’ and ‘God’, which fits in with the theme of gods and angels found in the NES RPG Bikkuriman World. It honestly has little to do with me now, especially since I dropped that particular project, but I’ve kept the name because it felt much more original to me than previous handles that had involved anime or video game character names.


How to Reach Me

If for some reason you’d like to contact me (this is my ConTAYct page after all!) you can leave me a comment on this page, ping me on the TAY Discord chat, or you can find me on the services below. If you do add me on any of these, please let me know who you are on TAY/AniTAY. If I do not recognize you as someone from any of the online communities I frequent, or you do not identify yourself as such, I will likely decline your request!

Skype Name: tenshigami. (with the dot!)

Steam: Tenshigami

PlayStation Network: Tenshigami

Nintendo Network ID: Tenshigami

3DS Friend Code: 2105-8671-2554